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What is Pudinbag?

Pudinbag is about feeling special and having fun. Ordinary is boring, so we focused on new designs that impress people, let them share our passion in life by challenging the status quo.

Our Makeup Bags and Cosmetic Pouches.

Pudinbag makes silicone bags and pouches for fashionable women. We use silicone because it delivers features that are superior.

Unique shapes, as well as vibrant colors, are easily achievable in the manufacturing process, hence giving us the freedom to express our ideas and make statements.

Why are we doing this?

We want to transit from manufacturing to retailing, which is the right way to take on the challenges presented to us as the market changes.

While we are at it, we do not want to just move our existing products online and compete on prices with competitors. Instead, we decided to use this opportunity to create something special. We want to create a brand that brings unique products to the market. Products that when customers buy them, they take home not just a bag or pouch, but also the effort that we have made to give them a little something special.

Who are we?

A team of Hong Kong locals who care about design, quality, and environmental issues. We are factory owners, designers, marketers, and each of us have decades of experience in our own field. Together we are dreamers.


We design, manufacture and market our products under one roof, but we also seek foreign input especially in design.

Where do we stand?

We are still at our infancy, and starting out means a whole new set of challenges. But we managed to produce a line of products that both the market and ourselves like. Our main revenue stream comes from Amazon right now but we understand we need to expand our sales channels, while keeping up with producing more products.

Where do we go from here?

We would like to establish Pudinbag as a world-class brand. We want our products available on a global scale.

Advances in retail and marketing platforms gave us an opportunity, and we intend to seize it.

To promote “Design in Hong Kong” is our holy grail.


The road is long, but the scenery is beautiful.

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