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Anti-bacterial Cosmetic Pouch

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A Sweet Little Cosmetic Bag

Blancmange is our premium cosmetic bag, boasting a unique double-curved surface that maximizes storage capacity. Its eye-catching design, combined with a durable silicone structure, sets it apart from other cosmetic bags. We have also infused IONPURE® technology into the silicone, making Blancmange not only stylish but also hygienic with its anti-bacterial properties.


Life's Little Dessert.

Pudinbag focuses on unique designs. The forms, functions, and colors of our bags combine to make a simple statement:

"To Add A Little Sweetness To Your Day".

Panna Cotta

Reviving a classic

The Panna Cotta is our crossbody clutch bag that mimics the classic quilted purse, but with more advanced materials and features. Changeable chains and buttons make this bag suitable for different occasions and wardrobes. 

Why we do it. 

We made Pudinbag for one simple purpose. To make a different bag, for you.

Turn heads, be admired, leave an impression, step out of the ordinary. 

Our bags are affordable, eco-friendly, hygienic and configurable.


With advanced manufacturing technology, we are able to create forms and shapes not available before. 

So here we are, presenting you with Pudinbag. A little dessert for life. 

Our bags are made with silicone.
  • Silicone is NOT a fossil fuel by-product, hence more friendly to the environment.

  • It is more durable than PU or PVC, or materials alike.

  • Silicone inhibits bacterial growth, making it more hygienic.

  • The colors we can produce is just spectacular and unique.


This bag is cute and well made. It has a sturdy zipper and feels velvety soft. I needed something tough for my keys. This awesome bag fits perfectly in my purse and the design is well thought out. When I take it out of my purse it stands up where I set it. It’s perfect.


I really love this makeup pouch! It’s small which I like because I don’t wear that much makeup so it fits everything I use and then has room for an extra lipstick or two! The silicon exterior is a lovely feeling that makes cleaning easy!


This is a small, cute little case that is perfect for my contact lens case and contact lens cleaner travel bottle. It is waterproof, so if the contact case leaks, I know it won't get anything else in my handbag wet.

J. Vin


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Address. Rm 2207 Well Fung Industrial Centre, 68 Ta Cheun Ping Street,

Kwai Chung, NT, Hong Kong


Phone. +852-2191-7999

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